How it works

Building your gluten free subscription box


Step 1: Choose a Box

First, choose which type of box you want

Baker Box*

I want breads & flour mixes

Mixed box*

I want a bit of everything – breads, flour mixes and cupboard essentials

Pantry Box*

I don’t need flour mix, but I want a mixture of everything else

* All packs are available in small, medium and large.


Step 2: Fill your Box

You’ve chosen your box. Now it’s time to choose what goes in it!

Choose from....
10 breads,
2 flour mixes,
6 pastas
5 cereals,
Oats and crispbreads


Step 3: Subscribe

Juvela products help you maintain a healthy and strict gluten free diet, without compromising on taste.

Subscribe for monthly savings and to ensure you always have a steady supply of delicious staple gluten free products.

You can cancel, postpone or change your subscription at any time!


Step 4: We'll do the rest

Once you're set up, you will receive your personalised gluten free box in the post.

Set up a subscription?

Then sit back, relax and we’ll deliver your favourite gluten free foods to your door every month.


Let's Get Started

Pick Your Box

  • Contains: Breads and mixes
    Includes free delivery
  • Contains: Breads and cupboard essentials
    Includes free delivery
  • Contains: Breads, mixes and cupboard essentials
    Includes free delivery